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"Beef" appears in three new Arby's commercials and they're pretty hilarious

September 21, 2016
Beef Arbys.png

Golf's newest folk hero continues to elevate his star status. First, Andrew "Beef" Johnston made noise in golf's final three majors -- even contending at the Open at Royal Troon. Then he inked an endorsement deal for Arby's, and landed on the cover of our October issue.

Adding to that, Beef secured his PGA Tour card for next season with two solid performances on the Tour's Playoff Series. Life is good for Beef.

Beef is taking it to the small screen now, with three new advertisements from the fast-food chain. Arby's says we'll see the first and third videos in the sequence here shown during the Tour Championship this weekend.

And the second video will be broadcast during the Ryder Cup next week. It's a shame "Beef" won't grace us with his presence on the European Ryder Cup team, although American fans might prefer not having to root against him.

Take a look at these new ads, as first shown by For The Win.

Beef's 5-year-old niece, Summer, is the co-star in this ad. Beef is super close with Summer -- even further evidence of his lovable personality:

And this ad will appear this weekend during the Tour Championship: