Because we're living in the future, you can now have food delivered by drone on a golf course

September 06, 2018

For all of the elements of the golf experience still leaving us wanting—long waits on tees, carts-only facilities, middle-aged men in flat-brim hats—we're not sure we considered the dire need for a cheeseburger in the middle of the fifth fairway. Someone apparently did, however, because a North Dakota golf course has introduced a system in which golfers can have food delivered to them on the golf course via drone.

According to a CNN report, golfers at King's Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks, N.D., will soon be able to have food delivered to them by drone for just $3, perhaps cutting down on awkward byplay with cart girls in the process. Here's a brief video overview of the experience.

This was perhaps an inevitability given that Amazon has already been dabbling in the delivery-by-drone business. And while North Dakota might seem like a random spot to introduce it in golf, it's actually an area well versed in drone technology thanks to a local Air Force base and the nearby University of North Dakota. According to the CNN report, King's Walk is starting small in scope, with just a single drone dropping food to a fixed spot, but hopefully progressing to multiple delivery spots throughout the course.

And if the drones avoid being targeted by mischievous professional golfers, even better.