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Beatriz Recari’s whiff with a driver is the latest example of how tough golf can be—even for tour pros

It’s always shocking when a tour pro does something we see our hacker buddies do on a regular basis. If you haven't whiffed on a shot (c'mon, you can admit it), you certainly have seen it happen on the golf course.

Beatriz Recari's whiff on Friday at the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic was certainly surprising to watch live, especially considering the stature of Recari—having won three times on the LPGA Tour and represented the Europeans at the Solheim Cup in 2013. But it's perhaps just another reminder that golf is a really, really hard sport, even for those who compete at the highest level.

Remember when Phil Mickelson whiffed this year at the Masters? It happens to the world's best golfers.

Kudos to Recari for shaking the miss off and stepping right back up and nailing her drive. It appears she was wearing spikeless shoes, and with wet turf on the tee box, she slipped as she was swinging. We've all seen it.

Beatriz Recari whif 2.jpg

It has been a tough year for Recari as she's been battling injuries, having finished in the top 20 just twice in 2018.