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"Bat Attack" putter used by Lydia Ko added to PXG's line

April 11, 2017

Lydia Ko was PXG's biggest player acquisition to start the year and the No. 1-ranked women’s player already is contributing to PXG's product development with her Bat Attack putter.

PXG announced today that Ko’s Bat Attack putter, a high-stability mallet designed with weighted heel and toe wings, will be available through the company and its network of fitters.

The Bat Attack model features an aluminum body, a milled 304 stainless steel face and the company’s thermoplastic elastomer insert material used in its irons and woods. A flat section of TPE is used to control sound and feel as a buffer behind the stainless steel face insert.

The Bat Attack is shaped with parallel wings that frame the width of the ball to aid in alignment. The extra weighting in the wings raises the head’s moment of inertia to provide improved roll and more consistent distance on off-center impacts. The wings are either steel or tungsten, depending on which of three weight options a player prefers (350, 375 or 400 grams). Ko plays the 375-gram model.

The mallet shape is face balanced, meaning when the club hangs naturally the face is completely square rather than favoring a toe angle like most blade putters. It is designed with half-shaft offset.

The Bat Attack joins the PXG range of five other putters (Brandon, Gun Boat and Dagger blades; and the Drone and Mustang mallets). It retails for $550.