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Barstool team takes advantage of deserted Times Square by playing golf in blizzard

Winter Weather New York City

Mark Lennihan

March 14, 2017

There's a strong parallel between Times Square and golf. Both can be overcrowded, most of the activities and products are expensive, and you always see at least one thing you can't unsee. Yet, in those rare instances when the course or streets of Midtown Manhattan are empty, the world feels like a magical place.

So it stands to reason when Winter Storm Stella sent New Yorkers scrambling indoors Monday night, the "Fore Play" golf team at Barstool Sports decided to join the two forces by teeing it up in deserted Times Square.

We know the USGA just released proposed revisions to the Rules of Golf, but pretty sure a tennis ball and trash can are pushing the limitations of "winter rules." Nevertheless, don't think the fellas have to worry about anyone trying to play through.