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BagBoy introduces electric walking cart

April 11, 2012

Far more often than not, golf is not the good walk spoiled that Mark Twain suggested it was. Most people ride. Lamentably, the cart is the preferred mode of golf course transportation these days.

BagBoy, in its perpetual quest -- as a push or pull cart specialist -- to reverse the trend, has introduced a compromise to the driven cart, a "healthier alternative," it calls it. It is the Navigator Elite, an electric walking cart.

It features a lightweight (seven pounds) lithium ion 24-volt battery, a gyroscopic navigation system that keeps the cart moving in a straight line, regardless of the slope of the terrain, and a directional remote control (forward, left, right and reverse) with nine speeds. It also comes with a padded seat that can be removed.

The cart folds up quickly and easily to a compact, 35-inch by 24-inch by 14-inch package. Some will deem it cost-prohibitive at $2,295.95, but avoiding cart fees will help defray the cost, while the health benefits are incalcuable.

-- John Strege