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Major winner: A good feel to fix this slice-causing backswing mistake


If you struggle with a slice, there's a good chance you can spot why the moment you start your swing.

Why? Because it's one of the most common mistakes slicers make. They set up to the golf ball, then as they start their golf swing, they begin rolling the clubface open and inside with their wrists.

The slice fault

By the time the club reaches parallel—just a few feet into their golf swing—the clubface itself is pointing up towards the sky. Like you see in this example from Golf Distillery.


Even tour players, like Tony Finau, can occasionally struggle with this move. And while keeping the clubhead out to prevent an open-and-inside takeaway is hardly a new idea, some golfers struggle

Which brings us to Collin Morikawa's advice...

Morikawa's feel to fix it

To prevent rolling the clubface open, Morikawa wants to feel like your right palm, back of your left hand, and clubface are all moving together.

"I want the back of my left wrist, and my right hand, and the clubface all pointing towards the ground during my takeaway."


Pointing those three key areas towards the ground prevents the clubface from getting too open, too early. And puts your swing in a better position to square up at impact.

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