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Baby adorably re-enacting Rocky II training montage is the video of the year

December 07, 2017

With respect to "casually walking away from an explosion," "finding keys to a car in visor" and "airport attendant telling man he can't park car next to gate as he races to tell woman he loves not to board the plane to Paris," the "training montage" is the most overused trope in cinema. And for a damn good reason: this device never fails to get the audience fired up. Hell, it's the sole reason that the Rocky franchise has spanned seven movies.

And yet, while Sly Stallone's various workout sequences have improved race relations and ended the Cold War, they pale in comparison to this user video of a baby adorably re-enacting his Rocky II drill session:

Perhaps the first clip that made us go "awwww" while simultaneously reminding us it's time to hit the gym.

There's still 20-plus days on the calendar, but -- with a nod to the "Professor's BBC interview interrupted by rogue children" clip -- this is the leader in the clubhouse for video of the year.