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Australian man on unemployment didn't accept job because it interfered with his golf

February 23, 2016

Unemployment is a serious issue, so I don’t want you to think I’m downplaying it, but the following situation is a little funny.

According to a story by the AP, after looking at some of the reasons citizens are refusing job offers and continuing to be on unemployment in Australia, it looks like the rules are going to become a bit stricter.

And we can’t really blame them.


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If you’re turning down a job to remain on unemployment, you should technically have a really good reason for doing so. The Unemployment Department has released some examples of what people have said is holding them back from accepting jobs.

There are some absurd answers, like the woman who didn’t take a job as a receptionist because the office didn’t smell nice.

But our personal favorite is the man who didn’t take a job because it required a few hours of work on Sundays, and that interfered with his golf schedule.

All of us here would do pretty much anything to play golf, but file for unemployment just so we can keep a spot in our Sunday game? That’s a whole new level of commitment.