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'That'll titillate the Biebs' has to be the greatest call in the history of American sport

Before we get to the headline, we must first pay our respects to an American-born king, Auston Matthews. The Toronto Maple Leafs' capital-S superstar scored twice on Thursday night in Dallas, goals No. 55 and 56 of the season. The first of the two broke the Maple Leafs franchise record for goals in a single season.

And this was no flukey goal either. As the great @DannyAllstar15 put it on Twitter, it was a clap bomb of epic proportions:

SICK. The record Matthews broke, previously held by former captain Rick Vaive, had stood for 40 years. Reminder: Matthews missed five games this season. Second reminder: he's only 24 freaking years old. With 11 games remaining, he has a chance to get to the 60-goal mark, something that hasn't been done in the NHL in a decade, with Tampa Bay's Steven Stamkos the last to do it in the 2011-2012 season.

While No. 55 was the record breaker, No. 56 was far more important to his team, as it came in overtime, earning Toronto a much-needed 4-3 win over the Stars. Here it is, in all its "I'm about to end this sh-t" glory:

Filthy stuff. The only thing better than the goal itself was Matthews' celebration, which, coupled with this call from former NHL goaltender Daryl "Razor" Reaugh, might be the greatest thing you see and/or hear this week. Listen closely:

No exaggeration, but "That'll titillate the Biebs" just became the greatest goal call in hockey history, and possibly the greatest call of anything in the history of American sport. Apparently, hilarious calls are kind of Reaugh's thing, but this one still stands out amongst the crowd. For anyone confused, Matthews and Justin Bieber are kind of boys, hence "titillate the Biebs":

Anyone who is a fan of puck was titillated by the goal, but there's no question Bieber was extra-titllated.