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Attention golfers: We want your best swing tips!

September 07, 2011

At the Instruction Blog, our goal is to give you the very best instructional information from the game's very best instructors. Usually the tips I include here come from the likes of Butch Harmon, or David Leadbetter or Jim Flick, among other 50 Best Teachers.

But there is another source of good information that we don't want to overlook: YOU.

We've all been subjected to the playing partner who thinks he's doing us a favor by overloading us with unwelcome swing tips. (One glare from my wife and I know I've given her an unwanted piece of advice that would have been better left unsaid.) But what about the friend or spouse who points out something that actually works? Those people deserve a medal, or at the very least, an audience.

That's where you come in. At we want to hear about the swing tips you've received from your golf buddies, or your dad, or your daughter, or your uncle Harry that have clicked. It might be something they picked up from a pro, or another friend, or even from the pages of Golf Digest. Whatever the source, if it's worked for you, we want to know about it. Any part of the game is fair game--putting, chipping, pitching, sand play, the full swing, even mental techniques. Send in your success stories to, with the subject line "Tips." They just might be highlighted in a new weekly feature on the Instruction Blog.

Thanks for reading the Instruction Blog, and good luck with your game.

*Roger Schiffman

Managing Editor

Golf Digest

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