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Tiger Woods' golf club collection offers an unreal look at his career

August 04, 2020

With Tiger Woods, there is one specific club that stands above the rest—his putter. The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS prototype has been in the bag for 14 of his 15 major championship wins and, as such, is likely the most valuable golf club in the world.

The other 13 in his bag, though, are constantly changing. Woods switches driver models often, will bring new (albeit rather similar) irons into the bag every now and then, and famously swaps out his wedges for virtually every tournament. So what does he do with the ones that have treated him well, but technology has made obsolete?

He keeps them, of course.

In the latest episode of “At Home with Tiger Woods,” fans are treated to an up-close look at Woods’ “club wall,” a collection of some of his old sticks that he keeps around his in-home golf workshop. You’ll see the steel-shafted driver he used to win the Tiger Slam in 2000-’01, as well as the driver he used to win his first Masters in 1997. You’ll also see a number of other Scotty Cameron putters that never saw the light of tournament day, a bunch of TaylorMade Ardmore-style putters (one of which he used at the 2018 PGA Championship), some older wedges and so much more.

For a full look at the club collection, watch the embedded video.