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Art posing as a putter

January 31, 2011

Kevin Peterson is not deceiving himself. He is well aware that the market for $1,500 putters won't be a large one, possibly not even a small one. He's happy simply to be making putters for himself rather than others.

"They're going to be limited quantity and they're going to be special," Peterson said from his business, Peterson Fine Mill, in Vista, Calif. "They take a tremendous amount of time, both in the design and actually the machining in them. We're planning to make them out of precious metals eventually."

The Liberty Putter is as much a work of art as it is a golf club. It is the culmination of his passion for his work, which has included many prominent clients, Scotty Cameron and Odyssey Golf, among them.


"Originally I was doing all the engraving on all the Scotty Cameron putters," he said. He has milled putters for David Whitlam and his Gauge Design putters. Presently, he said, he's milling SeeMore's M Series putters and working with Piretti on its putters, too.

The Liberty Putter, he said, "was my original concept that popped into my head. I love this country."

-- John Strege