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Arnie line of golf apparel introduced

August 23, 2011

LAS VEGAS -- Quagmire Golf used the occasion of the annual PGA Expo on Tuesday to unveil its new Arnie line of retro golf apparel for Arnold Palmer Enterprises, including the Arnie Captain Cardigan shown here.


"The premise behind it is '50s, '60s and '70s," said Quagmire Golf founder and creative director Geoff Tait. "So I went through his old pictures, went through his closets, and based it around what he wore back in that day. Then we put a modern twist on it with fabrics that you've got to have to compete in the world of clothing.

"He wanted some cardigans, so we've got those with a little cashmere in them. His big thing is, he wanted a little bit of cotton in [shirts] because he loves cotton. So we did a poly-cotton. i did kind of a semi-hard collar because he loves the hard collars."

Palmer used to wear Munsingwear, with its renowned penguin logo, before he had his own clothing line. "I just basically did our rendition of the penguin shirt," Tait said.

The '50s line will go on sale in January, with the '60s line debuting in March and the '70s line in the fall, Tait said.

The cardigan sweater shown will retail for $89.

-- John Strege