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Everyone involved in this sickening bad beat in the Arizona State-Washington game should be arrested

February 26, 2021

With gambling as prevalent as its ever been, everybody and their mother thinks their "bad beat" is more special than others. In reality, you can manipulate just about any game and any spread into a bad beat after the fact, thus watering down the term. 

But there will always be certain bad beats that stand out amongst the crowd, like the one from Thursday night's Arizona State-Washington game. The situation: Arizona State led 78-72 with 13 seconds remaining, a perfect time for UW to foul, put them on the line and add points to the over/under total, which was 153.5, depending where you got it. Instead, the Sun Devils threw a long pass and finished a wide-open layup, making the score 80-72 with 9.9 seconds remaining. 

At 5-18 on the year, and down eight with nine seconds to go, UW could have easily packed their shit and went home. They did not, though, which is where this gets extremely painful. The Huskies went for a bucket, a bunny of a layup to be more precise. Have a look at what happens next if you dare:

Yuck. Yuck, yuck, YUCK. Everyone involved in this travesty should be arrested. This is the type of L that can send a gambler into an absolute tailspin. Full tilt. Knee jerk bet after knee jerk bet. Sickening. Not that I'd know anything about that.