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Are your hands in the right spot at impact? The Impact Snap training aid will tell you

October 22, 2019

Knowing whether your hands and wrists are in good position at key points in the swing can be a challenge. With the Impact Snap, you receive instant feedback.

Begin with half-swings to get accustomed to the timing, then build up to full swings. Grip the unit so the yellow ball is below your trail forearm. Swing back normally, and when your lead arm is parallel to the ground, the device should make a snapping sound. That means you’ve hinged your wrists properly.

As you swing down, you should hear the snap again—but not until you get to the impact zone. Another check at impact is the yellow ball: It should touch the underside of your trail forearm. That means your lead wrist is bowed, your lead forearm is rotating counterclockwise, and your body is turning through.

The manufacturer now offers a clubhead attachment ($25) that provides a nice visual reference for golfers to see face angle and location during the swing. For how-to instructions, refer to the training videos at