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Arccos launches Link Pro for in-pocket GPS stat tracking


Arccos, the GPS-driven stat-tracking system that essentially has become the ShotLink for average golfers, has found a new way to make its recording of in-round shots and stats more seamless than ever. The new Link Pro further miniaturizes the stat collection process with a device small enough to get lost in your front pocket.

The Link Pro is an upgrade from the previously introduced Link, which clipped to a player’s belt. While the Link, as well as the Apple Watch, eliminated the need for users to carry their phones in their pockets, it still required an external positioning on the player. The Link Pro is smaller (barely two inches tall and just three-quarters of an inch thick, weighing less than 25 grams), and through a robust technological upgrade,  includes more powerful microphones that more cleanly “hear” shots when they’re hit with the corresponding club.


“Our product vision is to continuously remove friction from on-course data capture, and Link Pro is a giant step in that direction for amateurs and elite pros alike,” said Dave LeDonne, Arccos vice president of product. “Our members asked to be able to use it in pocket and not have to remember to charge the device, we listened and innovated. It’s a major technical breakthrough by our in-house hardware team.”

It's worth remembering that like the original Link, the Link Pro essentially is a smartphone without a keypad. And with Link Pro that processor got an upgrade. That included new ultra-sensitive digital microphones in a new place and an updated advanced audio port to improve shot detection. A new processing algorithm makes the system more resilient to background noise, and a new GPS chip for quicker lock on to the satellite at the start of each round and better on-course accuracy.


But what the tech horsepower upgrade really means is more ease of use. Specifically, the Link Pro now features a charging case that lets the device work for 12 rounds before needing another charge.

Essentially the size of a typical car key fob, the Link Pro also includes an intuitive button to set the flag location for post-round details.

The Link Pro retails for $225.