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Antonio Cromartie defies odds, has fourth child since vasectomy (and 14th overall)

September 08, 2017

By now, chances are you've seen the viral video of NFL cornerback Antonio Cromartie trying to remember all of his eight kids' names on the HBO hit series Hard Knocks. If not, a refresher:

After adding two more to bring the total to 10, one shy of fielding a full defense, Cromartie finally decided to cut himself off and get a vasectomy (sorry, we had to).

Well, that procedure has gone about as successfully as Cromartie's post-Jets career. The four-time Pro Bowler just welcomed his fourth child since he got the snip, and 14th overall!! The numbers are absolutely staggering, as he continues to laugh in the face of sterile men everywhere.

Cromartie, whose first eight kids came with seven different women, has now had six with current wife Terricka, and she swears they are done, according to a report from Us Weekly. But if his determined sperm have taught us anything, don't be surprised if Cromartie gets halfway to 30 within the year.