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Anthony Rizzo showed up to the Chicago Cubs' plane in full uniform, for some reason

September 13, 2018

Listen, the baseball season is long. Six weeks of spring training, 162 regular-season games, another month of postseason play...not exactly a show that fits in society's hyperactive attention span. So when the season reaches mid-September, it's understandable that teams need something, anything to make things interesting.

Which perhaps explains why Chicago Cubs first basemen Anthony Rizzo dressed up in full uniform for the club's flight to Washington, D.C. for a make-up game against the Nationals.

Given the short turnaround—the Cubs played Wednesday night, are scheduled to play the Nats at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday then head back to the Windy City for a three-game set with the Cincinnati Reds—perhaps Rizzo was trying to be efficient with his time. After all, man even worse his cleats onto the flight.

Or, being a Joe Maddon team, Rizzo was simply trying to breathe some life into an increasingly lifeless game.

Either way, good on Rizzo for attempting to break up the monotony of the grind.