Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn may have had the worst clock-management performance in NFL history on Sunday

November 30, 2020

Based off what we've seen so far, the L.A. Chargers may have struck gold in selecting Justin Herbert with the sixth pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. With Joe Burrow's season ending due to injury and Tua Tagovailoa looking OK at best, Herbert is now a lock to win Offensive Rookie of the Year. 

This should be considered a minor miracle given just how awful the coaching has been in Bolt-land. Herbert's record as a starter is 2-7, but there is a legitimate argument to be made that he could be 7-2. He's played well enough to put the Chargers in position to win every game, but no one outside of Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes could overcome the head coaching of Anthony Lynn. 

Sunday was by far Lynn's worst performance to date. All the evidence of this could be found in the final minute, when, down 27-17 in Buffalo, Herbert launched a hail mary on 4th and 27 that was caught by second-year wide receiver Tyron Johnson inside the Bills' 10-yard line. After fighting through tacklers, Johnson got all the way to the Bills' two-yard line with 45 seconds to go. 

At this point, the Chargers' win probability was likely less than one percent, but they still had a chance to punch one in quickly and make it 27-24 with 25-to-30 seconds remaining, enough time to recover an onside kick and take a shot or two at the end zone. Instead, the Chargers ran to the line and ... ran the ball with no timeouts?

The comedy of coaching errors continued from there. After Austin Ekeler was stopped at the one, the clock continued to tick, and instead of spiking it Herbert took the snap and threw an incompletion, leaving six seconds on the clock. After another incompletion, they ran the worst quarterback sneak in the history of football, no exaggeration. Here is the entire sequence in all its glory: 

Oh, we forgot about Lynn running the field goal team on the field with just three seconds left, then running them back off. It was as if he was actively trying to get fired in this final minute. You cannot possibly manage the clock this badly in a NFL game, but Anthony Lynn has proven once more that anything is possible. Next week, Lynn faces off with Bill Belichick, which is the equivalent of a first-time chess player going against a Grandmaster. Should be hilarious.