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'Another case of protectionism by the PGA Tour...'

December 06, 2010

The announcement that Rickie Fowler was named the PGA Tour rookie of the year over Rory McIlroy was not a universally popular one, to wit Lee Westwood's response, via Twitter:

"Sorry 140 letters is not going to be enough for this rant! Just seen Ricky Fowler has been given rookie of the year! Yes he's had a good year but rory mcilroy 3rd in 2 majors and an absolute demolition of the field at quail hollow! Oh yes and on the winning Ryder cup team! Please! Is this yet another case of protectionism by the pga tour or are they so desperate to win something! Wouldn't have something to do with Rory not joining the tour next year? Maybe the PGA tour just employs the same voting process as FIFA! Come on , fairs fair!"

Westwood followed with this: "please correct me if anything I said was not true. I congratulated Ricky on his year and he's a good lad but I bet even he did not expect to win it. People should say what they think if it's true and an injustice has been done. It's a too politically correct world we live in now days"

There was this, from Guardian golf writer Lawrence Donegan: "total joke. Though McIlroy took the sting out of it with his comments."

Lest anyone thinks the vote strictly splits down partisan lines, U.S. vs. Europe, here's Paul Azinger's assessment, also via Twitter: "You are right! @WestwoodLee Ricky is a terrific player & had a good year. He's got guts too. But Rory had a monster rookie year!"

-- John Strege