Cognizant Classic in The Palm Beaches

PGA National (Champion Course)


Hitting A Soft Lob


Photo: Stephen Szurlej


Get in a bunker-shot setup.

To hit a lob, you need to keep your lower body quiet and turn your shoulders aggressively -- just as you would in the bunker. Set up with a wide stance to help stabilize your legs. Open the clubface, position the ball slightly forward of center (the farther forward, the higher the shot) and drop your hands behind the ball at address.


Set your wrist hinge early

As you take the club back, hinge your wrists quickly to help create a steep swing plane (see photo). Keep your weight centered -- if you shift forward through impact, as you would on a regular pitch shot, you'll deloft the clubface and lose height on the shot.


Keep turning to the finish.

Acceleration through the shot is critical to creating the loft you want. Swing through to a high finish, and make sure your belt buckle is facing the target when you're done.