Short Game

The ultimate touch shot

March 04, 2008

1. Because greens are so fast these days, approach shots tend to run through the back or off the sides. That often leaves a very delicate chip to a close pin. To hit this shot, first take your most lofted wedge and choke down a few inches. A shorter shaft will give you more sensitivity and less power.

2. Stand a little closer to the ball to compensate for shortening the club. This will get the clubhead up on its toe, reducing the risk of chunking the shot because the grass grabbed the heel.

3. The swing is a simple brush stroke back and through, like you'd use for a long putt. To maintain the club's loft, hold the face square to the hole through impact. With a little practice, this touch shot will save you a ton of strokes.

Annika Sorenstam writes instruction articles only for Golf Digest Publications and runs the Annika Academy at Ginn Reunion Resort near Orlando. Click here for more tips from Annika.