3 Keys: 3-wood off the tee

November 11, 2007

1. Too often, golfers will take a 3-wood off the tee for control, but then try to hit it as far as they hit the driver. When you swing that hard, you give up the 3-wood's control advantage. Yes, it's great to hit the ball straight and long, but keeping it in the fairway is the reason you're hitting 3-wood.


2. When you tee up your 3-wood, follow the same rule used for the driver: Half of the ball should be above the club-head's crown. Golfers who don't pay attention to tee height struggle to hit 3-woods. Also, play the ball an inch farther back in your stance than you do for the driver.

3. I'll often hit a fairway wood (I carry a strong 4-wood instead of a 3) when sand or water narrows the driver zone. I'd rather hit a longer club for my second shot than flirt with danger off the tee. It's one shot at a time. Once I pick a driving club, I don't try to stretch it. I stay in balance by swinging every club at one speed: six out of 10 on the effort scale.

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