June 18, 2007

Three Keys To...

Chipping it close
  1. On short chip shots, it's important to aim the club square so you don't have to compensate during the swing. I used to have a habit of opening the clubface at address, which required me to roll the face over through impact to hit the ball on line.

  2. Spin is another issue with chipping. Whatever amount of spin you generate—because of your club and ball choices—you want it to be predictable. That comes from consistent contact. Play the ball just behind center, put your weight on your left leg and rock your shoulders back and through. The ball should bounce twice, check and roll.

  3. I also open my stance to get my left side out of the way and pre-set a little shift toward the target. But I always set the clubface square before I take my stance. If you start with a square face, the natural rotation of the club will return it to square at impact.