June 18, 2007

Think 'y' for great chipping

How I stayed smooth to win the U.S. Women's Open
  1. To be more consistent around the greens, hit a low, running shot whenever you can. Using a short iron, play the ball just inside your back heel, set your weight left, and push your hands ahead of the ball. Your arms and club should form a lower-case "y" at address.

  2. With the correct setup, the swing is a matter of rocking your shoulders back and through—much like a long putting stroke. Be sure to set a smooth tempo from the start, maintaining the "y" as you swing the club back.

  3. Lean into your front side to start the downswing, and don't tighten your grip. You want to return to the ball with your "y" perfectly intact (above, right). The angles you created at address will produce a downward strike and a low runner that rolls like a putt.