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Annika Academy App: Golf lessons on your smart phone

August 27, 2012

Annika might not qualify as an empire yet, but she is a brand and a continously growing one at that. There is Annika wine, the Annika Collection at Cutter & Buck, Annika Course Design, Annika Financial Group, Annika Fragrance and the Annika Academy.

Annika Sorenstam's latest venture is the Annika Academy App for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The free version offers five videos from her instructors at the Annika Academy at Reunion Resort outside Orlando. The $4.99 version offers 59 video lessons.

Interactive online lessons are available, too, for a fee of $59 per swing analysis in which Annika Academy instructors use state-of-the-art software to analyze the consumer's swing, while providing drills designed improve it. An annual membership of this feature goes for $499 and includes a side-by-side comparison of the consumer's swing and Sorenstam's swing.