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Angry Golfer Can't Escape

June 02, 2009

John Hawkins' Angry Golfer column about Nick Faldo using his stuff without attribution brought an email from one of Hawk's Connecticut playing partners. Hmmmm...

Dear Editor, John Hawkins Angry Golfer in the June 1 issue takes Nick Faldo to task for lifting material from a previous published Angry Golfer column without giving "a syllable's worth of credit". Take it easy there tough guy, although I'm not a journalist and no fan of Faldo. You have liberalized many of my one liner's and have occasionally intertwined them in your written word and interviews. If your not going to show me the love give Nicky a break! Louis Regina III (aka Uncle Louie) Monroe, CT

By way of response, the Angry Golfer quotes the Angry Tennis Player: "Lou, you cannot be serious!"

--Bob Carney