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Angry at the Angry Golfer

June 04, 2009

The Angry Golfer continues to draw fire...and ire. The AG recently took Nick Faldo to task for using Golf World reporting during a broadcast without attribution...and got little sympathy from you.

__Dear Editor, I do not understand why John Hawkins berates Nick Faldo for not giving credit to your magazine for something he wrote. In my humble opinion a correspondent should take all the credit or blame for what was written. Not the magazine or editor as I am sure that they don't agree with everything that is written by their correspondents. To call Faldo "arrogant" is an insult, but I guess it takes one to know one. Maybe "The Arrogant Golfer" would be a more appropriate title for Mr Hawkins. Especially when his last line on his two page article in the same edition of Golf World on Sabbatini's victory in Dallas stated "Everybody loves a winner, Even this one" I feel sad for someone who is so "Angry" about the best game in the world so many times. Chris Banwell>

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL __


Dear Editor,>

I don't know John Hawkins, but his recent column on Faldo's quoting but failing to credit him is interesting. The qualities he attributes to Faldo are exacty the ones Hawkins exudes himself. >


By the way, love him or hate him, you'll have to check out our web site during the Open because Mr. Angry, John Hawkins, will deliver his rants in video.

--Bob Carney