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Andrew Johnston has NINE types of beef stamped on his wedge, because of course he does

July 17, 2016

TROON, Scotland -- Following a Saturday 70 that moved him into fourth place at the 145th Open Championship, Andrew "Beef" Johnson said he "had no idea" why he's become a fan favorite and a cult hero so quickly. It hasn't hurt that the affable Brit has fully embraced his new-found attention. And why not?

Johnston said he's living a dream this week at Royal Troon, competing with the world's best and pumping up large crowds who are constantly screaming his name. Well, his nickname.


And in this era of personalized wedge stamping, it should come as no surprise that beef is represented on one of Johnston's clubs. Well represented. Check out this wedge that's, um, branded with NINE different types of cow:

The funniest part, is Johnston's nickname has nothing to do with actual beef.

"Oh, man, it's a bad story. Just when I was a kid, if I'd grow my hair out, I'm quarter Jamaican so it goes curly," Johnston explained earlier in the week. "So one of my friends said, 'Look at your head, it looks like a big bit of beef. You've got a beef head.' And honestly it just stuck. Now everyone calls me Beef."

Yes they do. "Beefsanity" has officially hit golf -- and we're happy it has.