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Andrew "Beef" Johnston wasn't kidding about getting "hammered," drinks from new trophy

April 25, 2016

Andrew "Beef" Johnston recently won his first European Tour title earlier this month, but he gained more notoriety -- not to mention, fans -- with his post-victory comments.

"I can't wait to get back to North Mid [North Middlesex Golf Club], get hammered and see my mom and brother and spend time with them and just celebrate," he said.

And Beef wasn't kidding.

Over the weekend, video emerged of Beef (In case you haven't noticed, we love this guy's nickname) partying at his home club -- and it's awesome:

There are so many fun things going on here. First, everyone is serenading Beef Ryder Cup style. There's a guy wearing a Viking helmet. There are other people wearing a sombreros. And there's Beef wearing a . . . OK, so we don't know what he's wearing, but it looks like some sort of bird costume.

But the best part is Johnston drinking from his Spanish Open trophy. You know what they say: To the victor, go the spoils . . . from which to drink. Enjoy it, Beef.