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Andrew "Beef" Johnston wants an invite to #SB2K17 (Please make this happen, guys)

September 07, 2016

Andrew "Beef" Johnston is playing in the Tour Finals beginning this week in hope of earning a PGA Tour card for next season. And it turns out there's something else next year that he hopes to earn a spot on: #SB2K17.

Here's Beef discussing the possibility of getting an invite from the #SB2K16 crew -- Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Smiley Kaufman.

Wait, he's mentioned it to them and he hasn't received an invite yet? What are you waiting for, guys?! Please make this happen.

As if the gang needed a reminder that Beef is fun to hang with, check out this Facebook Live video he did with Golf Digest from a London pub last month:

Fortunately, it appears at least one of the #SB2K16 crew has heard Beef's plea and wants the Englishman to tag along next year:

Again, guys, please make this happen.