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Andrew "Beef" Johnston might take part in a "birdie, beer, and beef triathlon" with John Daly

December 14, 2016

File this under "things you can't make up." On Wednesday, Steven Bowditch took to Twitter to challenge Andrew "Beef" Johnston to something called a "birdie, beer, and beef triathlon." We're not quite sure what the format would be for such an invent, but we're intrigued.

Then things got even more intriguing. Not only did Beef quickly accept (again, accept what exactly?), but he requested that John Daly be his partner.

The two tour pros then, um, hammered out some details. Natty Light will provide the beer. Arby's will provide the beef. Then Beef realized something and had a smart suggestion:

To which Bowditch replied:

We'll see how this "triathlon" shakes out, but just a foursome of Beef, Bowdo, Boo and JD sounds like a good time. Can we get this thing televised? Either way, #SB2K17 might have met its match.