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Andrew "Beef" Johnston: If I win U.S. Open, I'll be drunk for a week

June 15, 2016

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OAKMONT, Pa. -- Andrew Johnston is quickly becoming a fan favorite thanks to his untidy beard, big drives and bohemian ways. The man affectionately known as "Beef" declared, after winning his first career European Tour title this spring, that he would celebrate by "getting hammered."

And though one's inaugural victory warrants such observance, it does beg the question: How would Beef commemorate a potential major championship?

By doubling down on his alcohol intake. Obviously.

"Oh I'd go big," Johnston told ESPN. "I'll probably be drunk for a week."

Johnston is a long shot at Oakmont, and had just one major appearance -- a missed cut at the 2011 British Open -- under his belt. Which gives Beef all the more reason to party hard on Sunday if he leaves Oakmont on top.