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Andre Iguodala recounts his "great" round with Stephen Curry at Augusta National

June 02, 2016

You can bet Andre Iguodala will be playing his butt off when the NBA Finals start on Thursday night. Sure, it would be nice to win a second NBA title with his Golden State Warriors. But another win might bring something even better: Another trip to Augusta National.

As a gift for the winning the championship last year, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr used his connections to get Iguodala and Stephen Curry on the famed site of the Masters. And yes, Andre more than earned that trip by playing tremendous defense on LeBron James and earning Finals MVP honors over his much more celebrated teammate.

Recently, Andre took the time to tell Golf Digest about playing with the back-to-back NBA regular season MVP and about that special visit to Augusta. Have a look:

Wait, a minute. This guy has only been an NBA All-Star once? That's criminal. But on a more positive note, an 86 at Augusta National? Not bad, Andre. And well done on improving your handicap by more than 20 strokes.

Someday, you'll have a lot more time to work on your game. But for the next two weeks, it's all about trying to takedown King James and the Cleveland Cavaliers again.