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And you thought you had too many old golf clubs in the garage?

Thinking maybe you had a hoarder streak after keeping a few too many old clubs laying around the garage? Think again!

Placed in the Orange County section of Craigslist and updated since, the seller lists just about every conceivable brand as available from the, uh, collection. There is a catch: the buyer must take it all. That's 20,000 clubs for $7,500, which, as the seller notes, amounts to 38 cents a club. The 50 bags mentioned are thrown in as part of the package based on the seller remarks.

The reader who tipped us off to this sale had a friend stop in for a visit and reported that this club collector "had irons everywhere at two houses, two garages, inside a truck (with flat tires) and in a shed out back too. Very remarkable in all my years of collecting."


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