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And to close out the decade ...

December 31, 2009

Or for you folks who don't believe the decade is actually over, how about to close out the 2000s. Either way, with less than a day remaining, I thought I'd get my thoughts for the best D-I college players of the decade out before the ball drops.

One ground rule: a player has to have played the majority of his/her career in the 2000s for me to make them eligible. That's why Georgia Tech's Bryce Molder isn't on my list ... only played 1 1/2 seasons in the 2000s.

As always, disagree if you like but let me know who you'd pick instead.


__Rhys Davies, East Tennessee State, 2003-07

3x 1st-team AA, 71.23 avg., 10 wins, three-time conference POY

Matt Every, Florida, 2002-06

3x 1st-team AA, 06 Hogan Award, 72.04 avg., 4 wins

Rickie Fowler, Oklahoma State, 2007-09

1st-team AA both seasons before turning pro, 08 Hogan Award

Bill Haas, Wake Forest, 2000-04

3x 1st-team AA, 04 Nicklaus Award, 9 wins, 70.94 avg. (69.0 as senior)

Billy Horschel, Florida, 2005-09

3x 1st-team AA, 2x SEC POY, 71.73 avg., 5 wins

Dustin Johnson, Coastal Carolina, 2003-07

2x 1st-team AA (1x 3rd-team), 3x Big South POY, 72.11 avg.

Brock Mackenzie, Washington, 2000-04

2x 1st-team AA (1x 2nd-team & HM), 71.65 avg., 4 wins

Hunter Mahan, USC/Oklahoma State, 2000-03

2x 1st-team AA (1x 2nd-team), 03 Nicklaus Award, 2x Big 12 POY

Troy Matteson, Georgia Tech, 1998-2003

2x 1st-team AA (1x 3rd-team), 02 NCAA medalist, 71.91 avg., 5 wins

Ryan Moore, UNLV, 2001-05

2x 1st-team AA (1x 2nd-team & HM), 04 NCAA medalist, 05 Nicklaus Award

D.J. Trahan, Clemson, 1999-2003

2x 1st-team AA (2x HM), 71.4 avg., 5 wins 02 Hogan Award, 02 ACC POY

Camilo Villegas, Florida, 2000-04

3x 1st-team AA (1x 2nd-team), 2x SEC POY, 71.21 avg., 8 wins


__Amanda Blumenherst, Duke, 2005-09

3x 1st-team AA (1x 2nd-team), 3x Nat'l POY, 71.67 avg., 12 wins

Maria Hernandez, Purdue, 2005-09

3x 1st-team AA (1x HM), 09 NCAA medalist, 3x Big Ten POY, 13 wins

Katherine Hull, Pepperdine, 1999-2003

2x 1st-team AA (1x 2nd-team), 03 Nat'l POY, 73.52 avg., 7 wins

Liz Janangelo, Duke, 2002-06

4x 1st-team AA, 03 Nat'l POY, 7 wins

Tiffany Joh, UCLA, 2005-09

2x 1st-team AA (1x 2nd-team & HM), 07 Pac-10 medalist, 08 Pac-10 POY

Stacy Lewis, Arkansas, 2004-08

3x 1st-team AA, 07 NCAA medalist, 2x SEC medalist, 10 wins

Charlotte Mayorkas, UCLA, 2001-05

3x 1st-team AA, 04 Pac-10 POY, 5 wins

Azahara Munoz, Arizona State, 2005-09

2x 1st-team AA (2x 2nd-team), 08 NCAA medalist, 2x Cummings Award

Virada Nirapathpongporn, Duke, 2000-04

4x 1st-team AA, 02 NCAA medalist, 02 ACC POY, 5 wins

Stacy Prammanasudh, Tulsa, 1998-2002

4x 1st-team AA, 3x WAC POY, 10 wins

Lorena Ochoa, Arizona, 2000-02

2x 1st-team AA, 02 Nat'l POY, 12 wins in 20 college starts

Alison Walshe, Boston College/Tulane/Arizona, 2004-08

2x 1st-team AA, Conf. medalist in 3 conferences