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An intense $12 million drug bust just went down at an Australian golf course

November 14, 2013

Aren't golf courses just the best? Fresh cut grass, nice weather and the smell of crystal meth in the air . . .

Wait, what?


The scene at Kogarah Golf Club in Sydney, Australia. Photo via the Herald Sun.

That was the case at Kogarah Golf Club in, Sydney Australia on Wednesday when a Tactical Operations Unit, the Australian version of a SWAT team, seized $12 million (about $11.1 million US) worth of methylamphetamine in the club's parking lot. Four men were arrested and will be charged with commercial drug supply offenses, according to the Herald Sun.

Two of the accused men reportedly drove a white van containing more than 22 pounds of "ice" hidden inside a TV to a nearby house, where a third man entered the van. The three then drove to the golf course where they were arrested. A fourth person was arrested later that day in connection with the seizure.

It's worth taking a moment to put this drug bust in perspective.

The $11.1 million pot (?) from the drug deal is more than any tournament's purse on the 2013-14 PGA Tour schedule, and is about five times more than the combined purses of the Australian PGA and Masters, which is being held this week. The recipient of the cash would have been the leading 2013 PGA Tour money winner by more than $2 million, and would have pocketed a little more than what Tom Watson made on the course in his entire career.