An important reminder to give yourself ideal launch and distance this spring


Don’t rob yourself of distance and ideal launch this season.

Though most driver heads are a hefty 460 cubic centimeters, many average players insist on teeing the ball low to the ground -- robbing them of the opportunity to launch the ball at an optimum angle. It just makes sense that a taller clubface would require you to tee the ball higher.

But how high? You want to tee the ball above center, to the point where at least half the ball is above the crown of the club.

The reason: Ideally you’ll be coming into the ball on an upward path with the club off the ground, not skimming it. Second, hitting the ball just above the true center of the face should result in a tee shot that launches high with less backspin -- a desirable combination off the tee.

Not only do you need to be aware of this tee-height recipe on the course, but it’s equally as important on the practice tee where mats with pre-determined tee heights are often used. If the height of the tee on the range isn’t getting half the ball above the crown, ask if other tees are available.

After all, what’s the sense of practicing if you’re only going to rehearse the wrong thing?