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An easier way to remove cleats?

February 18, 2011

Softspikes' new cleat, the Cyclone, generated buzz at the PGA Merchandise Show, at least to whatever degree that a cleat can generate buzz. Golf Digest's Ashley Mayo included it in her list of 11 coolest items at the show.


But it was another Softspikes product that got our attention, the Cleat Ripper, a tool to remove old cleats from your golf shoes. Old cleats are often brutally difficult to remove with a conventional cleat wrench, to which we (and our sore wrist) can attest, having done so recently. It almost argues in favor of buying new shoes instead.

The Cleat Ripper, however, features a ripper bit with sharp blades. The company claims it will remove "even the most stubborn golf cleats." If it works as advertised, the conventional wrench should be history.

-- John Strege