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Ambush Gets Ink In Alabama

March 29, 2009

As I sit here watching golf again on Sunday (thanks to Tiger), I'm going through entries this week for the next Ambush. I'll post some finalists in a few days.

Last week Ian Thompson wrote a column in the Birmingham News about the most recent Ambush in Gulf Shores, Ala.

Here's the link to Thompson's column.


In the picture above, from left to right, that's Hugh Johnson, who has been planning the Bratton Brothers Invitational since 1976. Johnson is a prime candidate for the best of buddies trip planner contest. His advice to other buddies trip planners, "It's not a democracy. I make a decision and stick to it."

Johnson is standing next to Joe Bratton, 69, who has played in every round of all 40 BBI's. Joe said that if Johnson schedules another round at Kiva Dunes, that's a round that he'll skip because Kiva Dunes in the wind was too much course for his game. Joe's standing next to his younger brother, Bobby, who was 25 when the Bratton Brothers went on their first BBI. Now he's 65, and a living indicator that age is just a number. He was my wing man as I chased what I think (and hope) was a pack of females around the FloraBama--a run down watering hole on the border of Florida and Alabama. And then there's Greg Waldrop, who sent in the itinerary on behalf of the BBI. Waldrop asked that he'd hope Golf Digest would consider his group. Golf Digest is happy Waldrop considered the Ambush.

--Matty G.