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Allen Edmonds expands golf shoe lineup

September 30, 2011

Allen Edmonds said that its successful entry into the golf shoe market (see this: "Shoes that Hogan would have worn") has prompted it to introduce four new offerings in its Honors Collection:


-- The Medalist, "For the golfer who wants to shoot the lowest score and look good doing it," the company said.

-- The Legend, honoring "highly fashionable golf legends like Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Sam Snead."

-- The First Cut, featuring "the man-made designs with the beautiful works of nature that make golf courses so alluring."

-- The Haskell, honoring "Coburn Haskell, a fellow Midwesterner and a father of the modern golf ball."

As we noted in our original post on Allen Edmonds golf shoes, they aren't for everybody, given their price, $345. But they are stylish and creatively linked to the game's heritage.

-- John Strege