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Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez got real frisky in this Vanity Fair photo shoot

Not long ago, Alex Rodriguez was public enemy No. 1 in Major League Baseball. The former New York Yankee was suspended for the entire 2014 season due to his suspected connection to performance-enhancing drugs. It's the longest drug suspension and longest non-lifetime suspension in the history of baseball.

Flip on Fox twenty minutes before first pitch of Game 6 of the World Series on Tuesday night and all of that will seem like ancient history. Rodriguez is one of the network's top baseball analysts, and has been universally praised for his innate knowledge, and love of the game. In just a few seasons on Fox, it's become clear that the man eats, sleeps, breathes, drinks and bathes in baseball. He's become so beloved that his name has been tossed around as the next potential manager of the Yankees. Oh, he's also dating Jennifer Lopez, who he's admitted is a billion times more famous than him. In other words, somehow, it's really good to be Alex Rodriguez.

So good, in fact, that he and J-Lo landed on the December cover of Vanity Fair, with a lethal #powercouple name combo included:

Find me a better celebrity couple name than J-Rod.. I'll wait.

In the full Vanity Fair interview (which you can read here), Lopez and Rodriguez talk about everything from their awkward first date, to the time they first met at Shea Stadium over a decade ago. But the most striking revelation came near the end of the interview, in a photo:

Whoa! A-Rod getting after it. The man can do no wrong at this point.