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Alex Bregman showed up to Spring Training with a farmer's tan most golfers dream about

February 12, 2019

February, as a sports month, gets a lot of hate. When in reality it has a lot going for it with the Super Bowl, NBA All-Star weekend, huge conference matchups in college basketball, Tiger at Riviera (!) and perhaps the most underrated aspect of all: Spring Training. The mere whiff of baseball returning is always a nice jolt to the system, especially on a day where it's blizzard-ing in the Northeast, perfect timing considering I just stated a few days ago that "man, we have really had a mild winter." I can mush anything.

But even with this surprise snowstorm I have been reinvigorated upon seeing Alex Bregman arrive in West Palm Beach for Houston Astros Spring Training. Why is this, you ask? Because Bregman is rocking a farmer's tan that most golfers dream about. Shield your eyes because Bregman's biceps are BLINDING:

It's, it's so beautiful. Bregman must have either been playing a ton of golf during the off-season or wearing a t-shirt on the beach. We're going to lean golf knowing how big of a fan the Astros infielder is of the game. Here he was at "The Match" back in November with Jimmy Rollins, Reggie Bush and Dexter Fowler:

Judging off his forehead tan, which slightly resembles the greatest forehead tan of all time, he's been playing 36 a day:


And let's not forget the second greatest:


Bregman's is right up there, and it has us dreaming of working on our own some day very soon.