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Al Michaels' Vardon grip on a microphone

January 09, 2010

The game of choice for renowned broadcaster Al Michaels isn't football (though it has provided his livelihood for many years now), nor is it hockey, notwithstanding his legendary call ("Do you believe in miracles?"). It's golf, as he demonstrated with several references to the sport in this Q&A conducted by Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News.

On the second most common catch phrase with which he is associated: "Guys, what time are we teeing off tomorrow?"

On those who have a better job: "At any moment, the No. 10 money earner on the PGA Tour makes a great living, plays golf every day and stays just enough under the radar."

Which analyst with whom he hasn't worked would he like to have as a partner in the booth for a year? "Johnny Miller. He's terrific on the air and off the air and he'd take six strokes off my game."

Michaels is a member at Bel-Air Country Club in Los Angeles and the Reserve in Indian Wells, Calif. His handicap index is 13.8.

-- John Strege