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Eight players for Turkish soccer team suspended indefinitely for eating presidential candidate’s Baklava

August 10, 2022

Anadolu Agency

Sometimes there’s a story that’s so rich in intrigue and questions that you have no choice but to look into it. This is one of those stories.

The Akhisarspor soccer club in Akhisar, Turkey is having quite a bit of trouble fielding a roster at the moment as eight players have been indefinitely suspended after eating the baklava of presidential candidate Mikail Kaplan.

Yiğit Efe Düztaş, Halil Yeral, Yusuf Acer, Gökmen Aydoğdu, Mert Efe Çölbeyi, Enes Tayfun, Yavuz Serkan Özbakan and Oğuzcan Kesgin have all been discharged for the time being by new club president Evren Özbey.

Why exactly?

Well, there seems to be quite a bit of internal chaos for Akhisarspor as the former president resigned, and Özbey took over to the chagrin of quite a few players on the team.

Three of the eight players suspended were pushing to leave the squad already, and it seems like the “Baklava crisis” was the perfect time for Özbey to put his fist down. Opposition within the club is already pushing for the players to be reinstated. We'll be sure to keep you updated on this developing story.

In case you’re wondering, Baklava is a wonderful pastry that you should seek out some time … unless you’re looking to play for Akhisarspor anytime soon.