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Adjustable drivers: How do they do it?

June 08, 2009

I'm surprised we haven't received more questions about the new adjustable drivers, of which there are several now, TaylorMade, Nike and Nickent, all allowing owners to change loft and face angle. (Cobra's entry allows for a change of face angle). This letter from a Florida reader is one of the few we've received, but it's a good one.


Dear Editor,>

I am writing to for a explaintion of how Nike was able to control the CG and total weightof their new driver. With adjustable features of the ability to change loft, lie open or close the face angle. Those extra componemts must add a lot of grams to head of the club.>

You can reach me at >

Jim Mazzola>

Sebring FL>


Golf Digest Senior Editor for Equipment Mike Stachura explains:

The short answer is that manufacturing techniques are improving to the point where grams can be saved through casting thinner and thinner walls in non-essential areas in the crown and the skirt areas connecting crown and sole. Also amazing is how little these adjustable hosel units weigh. Sometimes it's less than 10 grams. You are right that the weight of these units might be utilized elsewhere in the head to improve moment of inertia and center of gravity locations, but Nike, TaylorMade and Nickent believe that these mass property benefits are not as beneficial to the golfer as the flexibility of an adjustable design. Still, it is worth noting that while Nike's previous drivers had an MOI number close to the USGA limit, these new versions feature numbers that are slightly lower.

--Bob Carney