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Adjustability isn't just for drivers anymore

February 15, 2013

By E. Michael Johnson

In the 2010 Golf Digest Hot List, just one fairway wood was adjustable. This year there were seven.


In addition to TaylorMade's RocketBallz Stage 2 Tour (profiled in the Jan. 30 issue of Golf Digest STIX), the following adjustable fairway woods can help you take more control of your game.



]( Multi-material fairway wood has 16 settings for loft/face angle and length.

__Callaway RAZR FIT XTREME: __Adjustable from 2 degrees open to 1 degree closed. Open setting also reduces loft by 1 degree; closed setting adds 1degree.

__Cobra AMP CELL: __The 3-4wood model can be adjusted from 13 to 16 degrees with two draw settings, and the 5-7 wood ranges from 17 to 20 degrees with two draw settings. Available in four head colors.

Nike VR_S Covert Tour: The 3- and 5-wood models can be adjusted to five lofts each.


Ping ANSER:__ Each loft model can be altered by plus or minus half a degree.

Titleist 913F: Loft and lie angles can be adjusted to one of 16 overall settings.