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Adidas reveals new NHL jerseys and they are actually not that bad

When news broke in 2015 that Adidas would replace Reebok as the NHL's jersey provider, diehard hockey fans collectively cringed. Your team's prized sweater would be radically changed for the worse, and nothing would ever be the same.

Fear not puck fans, everything will be okay. The NHL revealed all 31 jerseys on Tuesday, and only a few teams saw minimal changes to their sweaters. Here's a closer look at all of them from the NHL's Twitter account:

Upon first glance, you'll notice the newcomer to the league, the Las Vegas Golden Knights. The jerseys are actually not that bad, and thanks to the red stripe, they differ enough from the exact same color scheme as West Point's athletic teams.

Original six fans can breathe a sigh of relief, nothing was touched on the classics. The only noticeable changes came for the Carolina Hurricanes (good!), Minnesota Wild (okay) New Jersey Devils (bad) and Nashville Predators (really bad!).

Hurricanes fans will be thrilled that more black has returned to the color scheme after rocking these extremely bland red and white home jerseys for a few years. On the contrary, take one look at Devils Twitter (I don't recommend ever doing this) and you'll find out NJ fans are very upset with the removal of the black and white stripes on the bottom of the jersey.

Adidas gave the Minnesota Wild's a nice touch with the stripe across the logo. And, as for Nashville's, there is really nothing to say. Those are just abysmal.