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Add this exchange to the list of Bill Belichick's best moments with the media

November 08, 2017

The New England Patriots are just halfway through the 2017 NFL season, but it's already been a vintage Bill Belichick one in every way, whether or not it ends with another trip to the Super Bowl. There've been ups, downs, season-ending injuries, blockbuster transactions, and of course, hall-of-fame worthy moments with the media.

Watch any Belichick press conference and chances are you'll be in for a good laugh, but some stand out more than others, including this latest exchange with a reporter on Wednesday ahead of New England's road matchup with the Denver Broncos. Most reporters who deal with the NFL's Sith Lord know the routine, but some of the more ambitious believe they could be the one that could get BB to go in-depth. Almost all of them fail to do so, like this guy, who decided to not ask Bill about this week's opponent and paid the price:

After studying Belichick's face from the moment the video begins, it's almost as if he knew this trash was coming and could not wait to Dikembe Mutombo it into oblivion. Retire with Brady!? 30 for 30 trailers?! Amateur hour. Although, to be fair, this 30 for 30 trailer does look unbelievable:

Unfortunately, Belichick's goal at the moment does not include breaking down a 30 for 30 trailer, but rather, beating Denver. Beating them by any score to be more specific, even if its in the teens:

This epic back-and-forth came after the Pats' low-scoring affair against the L.A. Chargers, who they beat 21-13. That marks two unintentionally hilarious exchanges in the last three weeks alone for the man in the hood, a guy who has provided countless amounts of them over the years. Below are the best of the best.

The Faulty Microphone

In a way, this was very symbolic of everything Belichick has ever wanted to do with an actual human reporter after a dumb question. Shake 'em around, throw them on the ground and call them stupid.

"I'm not Mona Lisa Vito"

Now we know why Belichick hasn't even seen his own 30 for 30 trailer. He was too busy watching "My Cousin Vinny".

"Let's just end on a high note"

This came after Belichick actually expanded on an answer to a reporter's question, which shocked the guy so much he wasn't prepared for a follow-up. What does Belichick do next? More pop culture references!

"I guess Manning"

Facts only.

Will the QB position be evaluated?

When your question is basically the equivalent to "will you consider benching the greatest quarterback of all time?" you kind of deserve getting laughed at.

"We're on to Cincinnati."

Considering the Pats went on to beat Cincinnati 43-17 that week, it's fair to say Belichick did indeed have them ready for Cincinnati.

"Jesus Christ."

There's being fed up and then there's Belichick dropping the lord's name in vain fed up. A level of fed up most of us will never truly achieve.

"Seattle.... Seattle.... Seattle.... Seattle."

The absolute GOAT Belichick press conference. If only we could all use this method in our daily lives when faced with a difficult question from from your wife, kids, or boss. "Honey can you take the trash out?" Seattle. "Hey can you have that report on my desk by tomorrow?" Seattle. "Dad, where do babies come from?" Seattle.